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How to Schedule a Tutoring Appointment:

  • Tutoring is free for CCRI students
  • Tutors are available for most courses
  • Use your CCRI username and password to log into the scheduling system. Directions on how to select a weekly appointment will be on the left side of the page. 'Opt In' for the text message reminder so you don't miss your appointment. Please note that tutoring appointments are weekly appointments - we expect to see you each week at the same day and time. The Drop-in Tutoring Schedule is located on the department webpage

    Please call or visit your campus Student Success Center if you experience one of the following situations:

    • Your CCRI username and password does not allow you to enter the scheduling calendar.
    • There are no tutors available for the course for which you need help.

    • The Early Alert program allows faculty to be proactive and involved in assisting with the student retention efforts through early detection and intervention of students who are experiencing problems that affect their academic performance.

    Thank you!

    • Flanagan Student Success Center 401-333-7440
    • Newport Student Success Center 401-851-1701
    • Liston Student Success Center 401-455-6116
    • Knight Student Success Center 401-825-1170
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